Eco-tourism potential overlooked

Kumura recently launched the first eco-tourism product in the remote mountain village of Snow Pass in Bundi, Madang Province.

The Richmond Haus lodge is located at mid-point between the majestic Ramu plains and the lofty ridges of Mt. Wilhelm.

Local and international visitors can enjoy the peaceful scenery as it is a major transition point for migrating birds passing up and down.

The eco-lodge specialises in offering eco-tourism products and services such as tracking, bird watching, star gazing, culture and the rich flora and faunas.

More needs to be done for eco-tourism

Eco-tourism business owner Vincent Kumura described this sector in the tourism industry as a sleeping giant that is now a fast growing industry.

Kumura said large scale tourism organizations or businesses must not dominate every single aspect of the tourism market.

He said this will kill equal participation by locals, discourage specialisation, slow economic growth and increase poverty.

To further develop the industry, Kumura says all stakeholders must work together.

Sustainable tourism needed to move industry forward

Eco-tourism business owner Vincent Kumura said sustainable tourism practices are very necessary in the tourism industry.

Kumura stressed the importance of sustainable tourism practices when speaking to students at the recent 9th Liklik Diwai Tourism Expo hosted by Divine Word University in Madang.

Kumura is the managing director for Snow Pass eco-lodge located at Bundi in Madang Province.

He said tourism must be managed sustainably from the product development, strategic management, integrated marketing to the customer service delivery stages. 

Eco-tourism project opens up opportunities for locals

The Tawai Track is the shortest route that connects Bundi to Kongi, Asaro in Eastern Highlands and is about 15 km long.

It is the shortest route to Madang Province from EHP, ascent on both sides is pretty steep and only for experienced trackers and adventurous hikers.

The aim of this project is to promote eco-tourism and tracking activities in the Bismarck Range. 

It is an initiative of Vincent Kumura, the Digicel PNG Foundation Men of Honour and the Managing Director of the Snow Pass Eco-Lodge in Bundi.