Sirinumu dam water mark critical

The water mark at Sirinumu Dam in Sogeri LLG of Central Province continues to decline.

PNG Power Limited (PPL) statement released yesterday states that the water level is at 29.3 percent of the 340 Million Cubic Metres (MCM) dam capacity.

The water level measurement stands at 99.7 MCM.

PPL last recording on Monday January 25, the measurement tipped the scale at 102 Mm3, which is 30% of the spill level.

PPL owns the dam that produce hydro-electricity to support its electricity grid and also pipe water to Eda Ranu treatment plant to provide water to over 300,000 residents of Port Moresby.

Eda Ranu general manager commercial services Paul Gore told Loop PNG “current consumption for (water) will last for 9 months.”

Eda Ranu is doing daily water rationing throughout the nation’s capital and PPL had limited power generation from its hydro-generators at Rouna to save water.  

City residents are advised to be water wise by observing the following:

  • Use a bucket to wash your vehicle instead of a hose,
  • Take short baths,
  • Use cup of water to brush teeth, and
  • Fix leaking taps.  
  • Switch-off power of unused electricity appliances


Charles Yapumi