Report those noisy neighbours!

After a hard day’s work, most of us look forward to a good night’s rest but alas, this seems impossible on account of our noisy neighbours.

A good number of Korobosea residents in Port Moresby raised their concern regarding the loud, drunk and disorderly behaviour of those living near them.

“The houses here are only a few metres apart so it doesn’t matter if only one unit is enjoying itself and playing loud music. Everyone in the neighbourhood will hear it, even those who are two streets away,” resident Aileen Yorainey told Loop PNG.

“It is frustrating, especially when you wake up tired the next day. Your performance will be affected because you did not get a good night’s rest.”

When consulted on the issue, NCD metropolitan superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, said: “Report the matter to your nearest police station”.

He gave the assurance that police will stop the noise pollution, street fights or any activity that is disturbing residents’ peace.

Turi also revealed that alcohol abuse is on the rise, not only in Port Moresby but across the country as well.

“We deal with cases related to alcohol abuse 24/7,” he told Loop PNG.

He says the best way to address this is for respective authorities to effectively play their part in controlling the sale and distribution of alcohol in their cities.

(Picture: Huffington Post UK)   

Carmella Gware