Promotions at top levels of Police Force

Commissioner of Police Gari Baki has accepted the recommendations of the Police Promotion Selection Board 1 of 2015 for commissioned officers promotion to assistant commissioner rank.

“I am pleased to announce that one of those promoted include Joanne Clarkson, the only senior female police officer in the Constabulary who is promoted from Chief Superintendent to the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police. This is the highest rank attained by a female police officer since 1976,” Commissioner Baki said, adding that it speaks well of the RPNGC’s Equal Employment Opportunity policy.

The Police Promotion Selection Board deliberated on 13 ACP positions, seven of which are existing while six are either new or reclassified positions. The officers promoted to assistant commissioner rank include:

•     Chief Superintendent (CSP) Anthon Billie to ACP New Guinea Islands;

•     CSP Peter Guinness to ACP Momase;

•     CSP Tony Duwang to ACP Logistics;

•     CSP David Manning to ACP Operations;

•     CSP Clarkson to Deputy Chief of the Bougainville Police Service;

•     Raphael Huafolo to ACP Crimes;

•     CSP Sylvester Kalaut to ACP NCD;

•     CSP Iven Lakatani to ACP HR;

•     CSP Nema Mondiai to ACP Highlands, Eastern Command;

•     CSP Donald Yamasombi to ACP Border Command;

•     CSP Naua Vanuawaru to ACP APEC; and

•     CSP Jerry Frank to ACP Traffic.


Commissioner Baki will officially install the newly promoted ACPs on Thursday October 15.

The Police Promotion Selection Board will reconvene in November 2015 to consider applications for promotion to the ranks from Constable to Chief Superintendent.

Police Promotion Selection Board membership includes Reverend Sommy Setu (Chairman), Francis Tokura (Chief of the Bougainville Police Service), and ACP Allan Kundi (ACP Southern).