Promise to clear up B’ville crisis mess

Missing persons and left over ordinance materials being left behind by PNGDF soldiers will be accounted for and funding for these exercises will be available, says a leading official.

This is from former member for Hagogohe constituency and the newly installed Secretary for Veterans Affairs on Bougainville, Peter Sohia.

Sohia was responding to a question asked by central Bougainville women’s representative in the ABG, Marceline Kokiai.

The women’s member asked for weapons disposal and if ordinances like booby traps being left by the army will be removed.

 “In my village down in Vito at the coast of Eivo Torau, there is still a live bomb in an abandoned PNGDF bunker and people are getting afraid and are trying to relocate. With the  referendum around the corner these things must be cleared up,” Marceline Kokiai said.

 In response Sohia said:  “Those staff and also missing persons will now be catered for by my department and we will secure funding for these exercises.”

He said that missing persons or people who were killed and buried in shallow graves and were dumped will be recovered and buried in their proper resting places.

“What has been left by the army will also be removed like those ordinances and booby traps. Once the money is in our hands it won’t be a problem anymore,” Mr Sohia said.

Photo: A walk to remember missing persons in Buka

Peterson Tseraha