Porgera women complete business training

​A total of 17 women have participated in the three days business leadership training in Porgera.

Women representatives from the Porgera District Women’s Association (PDWA), Red Wara Women’s Association and the Porgera Urban Women’s Group took part in the training.

The training was facilitated by Barrick (Niugini) Limited (BNL) Community Development Section- Economic Programmes.

The training was delivered by BSPs consultant trainers Fred Tieng and Satsi Zisomein from the Community Affairs and Business Management Services (CAABMS) – a company specialising in community consultation and development, business development and providing skills building training.

Participant Wanoli Waiyape from Apalaka village and a member of the PDWA said through BNL, the women of Porgera have had more opportunities for development and advancement through training.

“I’ve learnt a lot…about banking…how to save money, how to make and spend money...and I’ve learnt a lot about leadership,” Waiyape said.

Interim Secretary for PDWA, Jenny Kopi said she now had a better understanding about financial management and her role within the organisation.

She said she attended the training to enhance her skills and knowledge to help build the Association to become the leading women’s group in the district to help others.

“I underwent the training to empower the women to work together to improve our lives in the Porgera district”.

BSPs Relationship Manager for Community Services (Paramount Banking) Valerie Tombele said she was impressed by the interaction and participation of the women.

“The women here are more open, more outgoing in their answers…different from the other landowners who’ve gone through this training….they were willing to answer questions more openly and discuss issues that they had”, she said

Delivering the training, Mr Tieng added he was happy to see co-operation and assistance with particularly the illiterate women participants.

“Your desire to learn shows that you are ready to accomplish things. It is now up to you to utilise the skills and pass on the knowledge to others in your community”, he said.

BNL through its Community Development Department continuous to promote business education for local communities to help them acquire key elements of running small to medium businesses  such as leadership skills, project management and budgeting, income generation and growing businesses beyond the life of the Porgera gold mine.

“…it is important that we target those existing women’s groups that are in the valley doing business, improving their lives, their families and be a role model to others,” said Daniel Sosi, Superintendent, Economic Programs.

The three-day training concluded with the presentation of certificates on 12 May.

Press statement