PM opens new Hoskins airport

The Prime Minister Peter O’Neill said the infrastructure that is being delivered around the country, including new airports and roads, are creating a better future for the nation’s children.

PM O’Neill made the comments when opening the new Hoskins Airport (Domestic) Terminal Building Project, West New Britain, that will now create new opportunities for travel and trade.

“The bridges that we are building, the airports that we are building, the roads that we are building, and the ports and wharves that we are building will enable our people to have a better standard of living,” PM O’Neill said.

“This infrastructure will create better opportunities so that our people can get a better income and live a better life.

“Today our population is increasing at a very fast pace, and if we do not build infrastructure we will always be struggling.  We will be struggling to grow the economy, struggling to provide opportunity for our people, struggling to deliver basic services to our people.”

The Prime Minister highlighted the importance of air transport infrastructure.

“Papua New Guinea is a country that is remote, rugged and not yet fully connected, so air transport is vital to making sure that our people have access to services.

“Our Government is very focused on what it wants to do.

“We will expand Port Moresby Airport, we will rebuild Nadzab Airport, we have started to rebuild Goroka Airport, we have just reopened the Kagamuga Airport, and every airport in the country is being rebuilt.

“We are focused on key infrastructure that is going to improve our people’s living standards for many years to come.

“Our children deserve a better future and we will deliver this.

“We have not finished yet, and we have a long way to go.

“That is why we need stability in the leadership and the politics of this country.

“That is why it is important that we stop playing politics, we have to work together.

“You can see what is happening in West New Britain where you have a government that is focused.

“Thank you, the people, for electing good leaders in West New Britain who stand behind our Government and make sure we deliver what we promised to our people

“You have a Government and a Parliament today that is focused on delivering change.

“I know that our people are welcoming the change that is happening all throughout the country.”

Finally, the Prime Minister thanked people who had worked together to deliver the new airport.

“A lot of people have done a lot of work to make sure we deliver this project.

“Thank you to all involved, the contractors and workers, our Civil Aviation Minister, Governor Sasindran Muthuvel, and the Asian Development Bank, for delivering a world class terminal for our people here at Hoskins.”

Background Information:

· Fully securing the aerodrome with approximately 5 kilometres of palisade security fencing so that aircraft operations and passenger processing occurs within a safe and secure environment.

· Increased Runway length from 1,585m to 1,900m, and 90m x 90m Runway End Safety Areas at both runway ends;

· Aircraft pavements have been strengthened to cater for unrestricted Fokker-100 or similar jet aircraft operations;

· The apron has been widened to cater for 2 x F100/Q400 and 2 x Dash 8 aircraft parking positions at any one time.  Originally only two aircraft parking positions were available;

· The new terminal building floor area is significantly bigger than the previous terminal.  This comprises of both new departure and arrival facilities beneath a single roof, and the provision for undercover baggage processing and collection for increased passenger security and comfort;

· The new terminal building captures salient features of a modern terminal design.  It has a visible sense of space for passengers with modern fixtures and finishes, modern ICT infrastructure as well as taking into natural lighting and ventilation for efficiency when in operation.

Local Support:

· The new Airport Market is 6m x 12m and is constructed within the airport boundary on the land side and securely fenced.

· The market can cater for 12 stalls/sellers to sell local produce, art and crafts and souvenirs.

· The markets up-keep will be managed by NAC ground staff at Hoskins Airport.

Joy Kisselpar