PM O’Neill extends condolence following death of Fidel Castro

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill, has extended condolences to the President of Cuba Raul Castro, on the death of his brother, Fidel Castro, in Cuba overnight.

Prime Minister O’Neill, who arrived back from an official visit to Cuba on Friday, said at the passing of a world Leader, irrespective of politics, is a time to pause and reflect.

"It was only Tuesday night this week that I had dinner with President Raul Castro and he expressed his concern at the health of his brother,” the Prime Minister said.

"We did not expect that the passing of Fidel Castro would be so soon.

"The passing of Fidel Castro is another marker in global politics.

"Regardless of the politics of the time, such as the Cold War in relation to Cuba, when the war is over we all have the time to look back and to be humble.

"Ultimately it does not matter on which side of the politics your stood in a war, but when a warrior passes it is time to pay homage to the person who stood by their convictions.

“The legacy that Fidel Castro leaves for the world is far-reaching.

“Outside the politics, Fidel Castro pioneered the development of pharmaceuticals and healthcare services in his country and these are being extend around the world.

“On behalf of the Government and the people of Papua New Guinea, I extend our sincere condolences to the Castro family for your loss, the passing of a great man of conviction.”

Picture courtesy of Pambazuka News

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