PM’s XIII theme to ‘stop violence’

With the theme “Stop Violence” for this year’s Prime Ministers XIII match between PNG NGCB PM’s XIII and Australia, the PNG Rugby League and NRL will collaborate with a message to stop all forms of violence in the society and especially in sports.

Moving forward, the consequences   of violence in sports will be very high as PNG is now a grown up society and most people have embraced the support the Government has given to them in sports.

“However, it takes only one silly person to spoil it for the majority and with the theme ‘Stop Violence’, it’s a call to condemn all forms of violence in sports,” said Minister for Sports and National Events  Justin Tkatchenko.

“Going forward we will not accept violence in sport and we also will not accept violence against women in our communities,” Minister Tkatcheko said.

Chairman of the PNG Rugby football League Sandis Tsaka also added that the Australian team on arrival will work along with the PNG side to participate in social community activities and awareness on the theme and indirectly promoting Rugby League and condoning violence in every level in sports.

Tsaka also thanked the naming right sponsors the National Gaming Control Board (NGCB) for their strong support since 2014 in  committing K2 million each year for Rugby League and the other partners sponsors PNG LNG, Boroko Motors, Coca-Cola and Digicel PNG.

He said the sponsors  have been able to support not only in playing the matches but driving social messages on the challenges that we face in our society to the people.




Lamech Jinimbo