Stop Violence

Churches Step Up Against Violence

The churches comprise of Catholic Church, United Church, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Good News Lutheran Church, Baptist Union of PNG, Salvation Army of PNG, and the Anglican Church, Evangelical Alliance and Body of Christ.

The alliance stemmed from an education and awareness program on gender sensitizing carried out by the churches early this year, funded by NCDC.    

NCD Governor Powes Parkop commended and welcomed the alliance while he reminded church leaders that violence was not just a development nor human rights issue.

PM’s XIII theme to ‘stop violence’

Moving forward, the consequences   of violence in sports will be very high as PNG is now a grown up society and most people have embraced the support the Government has given to them in sports.

“However, it takes only one silly person to spoil it for the majority and with the theme ‘Stop Violence’, it’s a call to condemn all forms of violence in sports,” said Minister for Sports and National Events  Justin Tkatchenko.

“Going forward we will not accept violence in sport and we also will not accept violence against women in our communities,” Minister Tkatcheko said.