Penalize China Harbour Engineering - Polye

Opposition Leader Don Polye is calling on the government to penalize China Harbour Engineering Company for building substandard facilities at the Lae Tidal Basin.

Polye says according to an advisory report on the design and construction of phase one, the work is substandard.

The first phase completed last year  boosts the safety and efficiency of port operations with new facilities including a tidal basin, a multipurpose berth, and terminal works including buildings, storage areas, roads, drainage, water, electricity and sewerage services.

The construction cost K750million.

The assessment carried out by “CULLEN GRUMMT AND ROE” an Independent engineering company revealed defects that will cost the state an additional K200million.

The report revealed to the media says

“The work is substandard in many respects, often extremely sub- standard. Even the concept design contained basic errors. Errors of layouts, clearances for vehicle operation and concept error in many parts…”

Polye says PNG Ports should also be held responsible for not providing quality supervision of their work.

Phase two of the project will commence soon and is estimated to cost around K500million.

Polye says China Harbour Engineering Company should not be considered for this project until it fixes the defects identified by the report.

Three companies currently being considered for Phase 2 are:

1. China Harbour Engineering Company

2. Hawkins

3. China State Construction

Joy Kisselpar