NYDA set for a major drug and alcohol abuse campaign

The National Youth Development Authority is starting an awareness program on the effects of drug and alcohol abuse in schools in NCDC.

The National Government has intervened in setting up a national body known as the National Youth Development Authority (NYDA) to create a sustainable future for our young people in the country.     

NYDA Director Norit Luio says schools on NCD will be visited to talk about the immediate effects of the use of illegal substances like drugs and alcohol, underage pregnancy, bullying as well as school fights.

“The program will commence by the end of October and a good number of high schools are expected to get a visit from is in NYDA,” he said.

Starting from the schools outside of Port Moresby, NYDA will begin with Koiari Park Secondary, Marianville Secondary, De La Salle, followed by Salvation Army at Koki and Gerehu Secondary.

“Our work at NYDA is to help transform and empower youths for nation building through partnership with all stakeholders in the country, which is supported by our vision which is to be the lead agency in promoting and coordinating sustainable services for young people in partnership with stakeholders throughout the country.”

Annette Kora