New incentives for Team PNG: PM

In an effort to boost team morale and competiveness, the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill announced changes to the monetary awards given to athletes who win medals at the games.

Prime Minister O’Neill told Team PNG during  last night’s farewell ceremony that apart from the K20,000 given to all gold medalists, his government will award K10,000 to all silver medalists while any PNG athlete that gets a bronze medal will walk away with K5000.

O’Neill says that this is to ensure that all the athletes perform to the best of their abilities. He congratulated each and every one of them for their selection to represent the country in the 2015 Pacific Games.

He says that whether they were an athlete, coach or official, none of them got there by chance and in the next few weeks would wear the country’s national colours because of their commitment to sporting excellence in the country.

O’Neill reminded all athletes that they were not only carrying the support but also all the hopes and dreams of all citizens in and around the country.

He says that all the country asks is that all of them perform to be the best of their abilities,  prompting them to enjoy the competition and “savour the moment’’.

O’Neill told the teams that this Pacific Games was a once in a life time experience and an opportunity for them to compete at the top level of any games, especially on home soil which is why they should make the most of it.