More children becoming homeless

More than 500 children live on the streets in Port Moresby.

This grim statistics was revealed by Collin Pake, the founder of Life PNG Care, a non-government organization.   

Collin and his wife are two kind hearted couples who have opened their family home for these unfortunate children to give them hope for a better future.

“We run a program called ‘strongim pikinini program’ which is like a family home care,” Pake says.

He added that, they started off with 8 children and now accommodates 22.

The children are sheltered, feed and educated by the Pake family using their own resources and assistance from kind hearted individuals and business houses.

“Many children are left homeless not because of poverty but of no love and care which is not our culture.” Says Pake

Caption: Children under the care of Life Care PNG. Picture Source: