Minister under legal cloud seeks judicial review

Member for North Fly and Tourism Minister Boka Kondra has gone to the National Court with an application for a judicial review in his leadership case.

Kondra was recommended for dismissal from office by members of the Leadership Tribunal in May.

The recommendation came after the tribunal unanimously found him guilty of six counts of misconduct in office on April 27 for misapplying K85,276.

He was found guilty of applying DSIP funds to pay for his office rental in Kiunga, to pay for his family accommodation in Port Moresby and settling a personal debt from the 2007, before his election into office.

The tribunal found all these payments were made from the district treasury account when the member was already receiving allowance for accommodation and office rental.

 His lawyer Ian Molloy went before acting Judge Leka Nablu this morning (July 07) with an application for leave for a Judicial Review.

Their application for leave to review the decision of the tribunal comes after he managed to get an interim order on June18 stopping his dismissal from office.

Kondra's application for review was on the main ground that all payments and cheques for payments made from the North Fly district treasury account were not authorized by the leader.

Molloy told Nablu that all payments were done by the District Administrator. State lawyer Asher Chillion had no objections to the application for review sought by Kondra.

Acting Judge Nablu will make a ruling on that application on July 14. Meanwhile the Interim orders for a stay on  Kondra's dismissal from office from June 18 are further extended. 

Sally Pokiton