Minister Tabar condemns Unitech arson

Minister for Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Malakai Tabar has condemned the burning of building facilities at the PNG University of Technology on Saturday night.

Reports from the university administration confirmed that four buildings have been burnt and one student has died.

Tabar said this is the work of criminal elements and conveyed his sympathies and condolences to the parents and relatives of the deceased student.

He assured that the law will bring the perpetrators of this murder to justice.

“I call on forces that have had a hand in causing instability and cruel destruction to our universities to take into account the common good and not destroy our universities and their culture of academic learning and innovation.

“No student lives should be taken by budding intellectuals and no leader should perpetrate the taking of innocent lives for one’s narrow objectives.”

He confirmed that most of the students have vacated campus and police officers are on ground to assess the situation and to protect lives of staff and students and the public property on campus.

An emergency council meeting will take place on Monday, June 27, and the university council will inform the Minister and the Office of what they will do in terms of continuing with classes.

Quintina Naime