Masiu concerned about loss of revenue

Papua New Guinea continues to lose revenue from taxes as goods from Solomon Islands are brought into Bougainville without paying import fees.

South Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu said there is no presence of public servants manning the border posts in his electorate that borders Solomon Islands.

He added that the sea border is open and goods easily transported by boats to Kagu which is also undermining the country’s internal security. He questioned Inter - Government Relations Minister Sir Leo Dion about the Border Development Authority was doing to build infrastructure to house public servants.  

“Minister tell Parliament, when facilities will be built because illegal crossing and beer  is being brought in to the country from Solomon Islands without paying tax,” Masiu raised this question in Parliament last week.

Sir Leo fell short in answering the question saying BDA had already visited the border area and needs funding to for infrastructure development.         

Border Development Authority was established by an Act of Parliament in August 2008 as a special purpose authority to coordinate and implement development projects in the six provinces of PNG.

Charles Yapumi