Manusians facing dire drought scenario

Pictured here is Mr Stephen Lapeap, the ward councillor for ward 8 in the Rapatona LLG of Manus Province.

He is assessing his cocoa and coconut plantation which has been destroyed by a bush fire.

Mr Lapeap expressed concern that the Manus Government was, in his opinion,  underestimating the situation on the islands with the long drought and the lack of fresh water.

"Death has arrived at our door step. Food and water is seriously scarce now. We are not about to face it. We are already facing death,’’ he said.

He says that whatever garden produce they are eating  now is the last from their gardens. "We cannot replant yet so where is the next harvest coming from?" he said.

The councilor said  local leaders like him are powerless in this situation. The word is already out.  "Why can't they just divert funds? Can't they come and check too?", he said.

David Putulan