Lae Polytechnic students told to return to class

Students at the National Polytechnic Institute in Lae, Morobe Province were advised to return to classes by the school’s Governing Council.

Loop PNG was reliably informed by a civil engineering student of the council decision which was reached yesterday.

“The governing council said the Student Representative Council (SRC) does not have a constitution in place,” the student said.     

The students on Wednesday started boycotting classes and asked the institute administration to get the blessing of the Governing Council to organise for students to vote and if majority agrees they will follow other government-run higher learning institutions in the country that are currently boycotting classes.

“This is because SRC does not have constitution in place to call for a referendum,” SRC president Laza Kunda told Loop PNG on Wednesday.

"We (SRC) met with administration again this morning and demanded them to meet the Polytechnic governing council before Friday (yesterday).

"Classes are suspended starting today until Friday when we see the outcome of our demand."

Students are expected to go back to classes on Monday.



Charles Yapumi