Hela landowners apologise to Marus following attack

The people of Hela Province have extended a public apology to Minister for High Education, Research, Science and Technology, Francis Marus who was recently caught up in an ambush attack.

Marus was part of convey of delegates that was attacked along the Komo road while traveling from Tari to Komo on November 21.

The convoy of vehicles was on the way to Kopalu and on to Nogoli after crossing the Timalia River when the incident happened.

Logs were pulled across the front and rear of the convoy and men armed with guns fired at the convoy.

When shots were fired, the convoy turned around and drove back to Tari however during the open fire, a leader from Tari was killed and a policeman received gun wounds.

Chief of the Hela Gimbu Association Damien Arabagali, on behalf of the 300,000 people of Hela, apologised to Marus saying that this was the first time an attack has happened to a convoy of leaders.

“Traditional warfare protocol has been broken and we say sorry on behalf the Hela people.

“When the Minister was deputy speaker, he played a key role towards the granting of the Hela province.

“We say sorry for such disrespect showed to leaders and the killing of an innocent man who was escorting the Minister and Hela Governor Francis Potape,” Arabagali said.

Arabagali called on the Government to come on board and assist the province in addressing its law and order issues.  

Quintina Naime