Health and churches should team up: Auditor General

The National Department of Health (NDOH) agrees with recommendations by the Auditor General’s Office (AGO) on a need for a partnership between the Christian Health Services of PNG (CHS) and itself.

They say the recommendations will be captured in a specific Memorandum of Understanding between the NDOH and the CHS.

It says they will work with the CHS to finalize the MOU ensuring that the partnership policy framework covers the following areas.

  • Funding flow to church run facilities from NDOH including criteria used by the CHS to disburse free Health Care funds.
  • Financial accountability is strengthened
  • Health information/data is fed to in the health department
  • Church secretariats in the provinces partake in provincial quarterly reviews.

Church Health Services say funding is considered  to be a major challenge for them because of the following reasons

  • Capacity issues
  • Isolation and remoteness of facilities
  • ICT issues and other challenges

They are currently talking to Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and trade for a new concept of budget.

Joy Kisselpar