Auditor General

Urgent audit into key government departments

He announced this request in response to recent significant disbursements of funds by these three crucial departments.

“I have written to the Auditor-General to preside over an urgent audit into spending by Finance, National Planning and Works and Highways departments,” Prime Minister Marape stated.

 “These three key state departments have been responsible for huge disbursement of public funds recently.

Auditor General arrested for fraud

Director of the National Fraud and Anti-Corruption Directorate, Mathew Damaru confirmed that Nauga was arrested with charges of abuse of office, conspiracy to defraud, and misappropriation of 247,500 thousand kina.

The charges emanated from an allegation that two audit contracts were awarded to Frank Benabo and associates, to conduct an audit inspection on Aitapei District’s DSIP books in 20-12 at the cost of 123, 750 kina.

 The other contract was awarded to Mendi District DSIP in 20-12 at the same cost as the previous contract but for a lesser period of time.

Govt should help repair health facilities – Nurse


It has a nursing officer and three community health workers.

The general patient building was well constructed however the general patients ward was a typical highlands round house.

It was built with a mixture of processed building materials and bush materials.  Inside there were four beds and a fire place in the middle.

A nurse there says they experience more deaths as a result of cold and poor ventilation.

Health and churches should team up: Auditor General

They say the recommendations will be captured in a specific Memorandum of Understanding between the NDOH and the CHS.

It says they will work with the CHS to finalize the MOU ensuring that the partnership policy framework covers the following areas.