WNB Nursing School funded

The West New Britain Acting Provincial Administrator Leo Mapmani presented a cheque of K200, 000 on behalf of Governor Sasindran Muthuvel to institution.

“On his behalf the Regional Member and Governor for WNB Sasindran Muthuvel, I present to the WNB School of Nursing this cheque of K200, 000 that will go towards the schools operations that the governor has continued to support since its inception,” said Mr Mapmani.

Training On Patient Oxygen Management

The National Department of Health (NDoH), the World Health Organization (WHO) and Australian Government, jointly organized a training on patient oxygen management last week at the Stanley Hotel.

Clinicians, Infection Prevention Control (IPC) and Biomed officers were trained on how best to manage patients with low oxygen levels. This included using devices to help them breathe and manage oxygen concentrators that have been widely distributed since the start of the pandemic.

HIV Investment Program Launched

With the ongoing fight against HIV and other related diseases and COVID-19, it is investments like that of UNAIDS collaboration with National Department Health (NDOH) that ensures ones well-being is an integral part of humanity.

The investment launch was held in Port Moresby by UNAIDS and PNG-AUSTRALIA government representatives.

Rumginae struggles to feed patients

The food was presented to the hospital, for its inpatients. OTDF Executive Manager Program Services, Eric Kuman, delivered to the hospital 30 rice bags, containers of cooking oil, boxes of tinned fish and cartons of noodles.

Rumginae Hospital Medical Officer Dr Kevin Pondikou stated that the hospital has seen an increase in patients from 20 to 60 a day after the temporary closure of the Kiunga hospital. Dr Pondikou also said that Rumginae has a feeding capacity of no more than 20 patients because the facility can only provide a kilo of rice and a small tin of fish per week.

Hospital Receives Rations

Rumginae, a church-run health facility in the North Fly district expressed their gratitude to the Foundation for donating food to feed impatients on 29 September comprising of 30 rice bags, containers of cooking oil, boxes of tinned fish and cartons of noodles.

Amono Asipali Secretary of the Evangelical Church of PNG (ECPNG) Church Health Services for North Fly thanked Ok Tedi Development Foundation (OTDF) for the food donation.

He stressed on how the partnership would strengthen support by development partners in the province towards church organizations.

Film On Family Planning Launched

The department, UNFPA and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australia and other partners launched the filmed called “Wan Boi, Wan Gel” that seeks to promote Family Planning with the sub-theme “By Choice, Not by Chance – One Small Family”, a film idea by former Technical advisor and medical health, the Late Dr Geita Lahui.

DFAT through the Pacific women program was pleased to have contributed to this partnership led by the Department of Health, UNFPA, FHI360 as well as contributions from a range of other partners and NGOs into this production.

Girls get vaccinated against HPV

 PNG Against Cervical Cancer team, led by Gynaecologist Dr Lutty Amos from the Well Woman Centre in Konedobu have been going around schools in NCD vaccinating girls aged between 9 and 14 years.

The program commenced on May 1 following awareness workshops carried out in the schools last month. It ends at the end of May.  This is only the first dose of the HPV vaccination.

Girls who were vaccinated so far had consent forms signed by their parents and guardians.  

Health of Gulf Province people under threat

A team of high level facilitators from the NDoH standard services conducted the workshop at the Kerema Catholic Hall yesterday.

Health workers numbering 126 came from as far as Kikori and other to participate.

The participants, especially community health workers and nurses from the rural areas raised concerned that they have been working alone in poor stages.

“There is a lot of gap, no communication between us and looks like for the last decade, we have been working in isolation,” Deborh Omaro of Maiaru Aid Post in Kerema district said.

Govt should help repair health facilities – Nurse


It has a nursing officer and three community health workers.

The general patient building was well constructed however the general patients ward was a typical highlands round house.

It was built with a mixture of processed building materials and bush materials.  Inside there were four beds and a fire place in the middle.

A nurse there says they experience more deaths as a result of cold and poor ventilation.

Health and churches should team up: Auditor General

They say the recommendations will be captured in a specific Memorandum of Understanding between the NDOH and the CHS.

It says they will work with the CHS to finalize the MOU ensuring that the partnership policy framework covers the following areas.