Government to release scorecard soon

The Government will release a score card early next year to see what has been implemented during its tenure.

Minister for Planning and Monitoring, Charles Abel, said this to the media during in Port Moresby during the National Development Forum hosted by the Consultative Implementation & Monitoring Council.

Abel said data from government implementation will be released once compiled by relevant state agencies and departments

“Early in 2017, our Government wants to come with a scorecard to show our people as to what has been the result of all this investment,” said Abel.

“We want to see the facts and figures.”

He said the annual CIMC National Forum’s were now held every two years so that the organisation and the government had time to implement key policies.

It was also a costly exercise hosting the forums every year.

“In between we want to focus on delivery’s outcomes, reporting, not too much talking about too many plans, and having too many talk-fests,” said Abel.



Cedric Patjole