Gold drops, other minerals rise

The gold mining sector in PNG will continues to be affected by gold prices after the mineral took another hit last week.

According to, gold took a hit while nickel, copper and iron ore are all on the rise.

It is reported that gold is usually the safe harbour in times of turmoil, however it is not known what the cause for the end-of-week dip is. says it is inexplicable that gold took a hit in the light of widespread commentary that the election of Donald Trump as the next US president was one of the riskiest decisions made by Americans this century.

Meanwhile, in softer commodities, coffee decreased 1.85c (55t) per pound, or 1.06% to 172.50c (52t)/lb , while Cocoa increased $1 (K2.99) per tonne or 0.04% to $2446 (K7314.59) per tonne.

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Cedric Patjole