Facebook Moments app now turns photos into music videos

If you've ever wanted to set the major events in your life to music, Facebook has just the app to help you do it - unless you live in the UK and Europe.

An update to Facebook's Moments app today (August 25) includes a Flipagram-like option to turn six or more of your photos into a musical collage.

However, the app still won't be coming to the UK or Europe any time soon because of privacy concerns.

With Moments using facial recognition technology to share photos with those pictured, the slightly invasive nature of the app has thrown up a few barriers here in Blighty.

When first introduced back in June as a way to repurpose old pics, European regulators told Facebook it must offer users an opt-in choice in order to guard their face-tracking privacy. As such, Moments will continue to dodge Europe until such a feature is developed.

"We don't have an opt-in mechanism, so it is turned off until we develop one," Facebook said of Moments in Europe earlier this year.

Questioned today on when Moments might be handed a European release, a Facebook spokesperson told us it has no "further info right now".

As part of the new update, when launching Moments' video feature, facial recognition capability suggests tagging photos before automatically setting the images to one of 10 musical themes.

For example, you can set your dance party photos to an EDM-style theme called Epic or pair a montage from a recent hiking trip with a Western ditty called Adventurous.

Moments also allows users to swap pictures included in each music video, although there doesn't yet seem to be an option to add filters or share with friends on social networks other than Facebook.