Digicel staff take part in Biggest Morning Tea cancer awareness

Staff at Digicel PNG based in Port Moresby had the opportunity to learn more about cancer today including the signs, causes and preventive measures.

The awareness was in support of the PNG Cancer Foundation’s Biggest Morning Tea (BMT) campaign.

BMT campaign is a fun and easy way for communities, business houses, friends and family to come together over a cup of tea and start the conversation about cancer.

The campaign gives the people of PNG access to education and information on cancer awareness and prevention during the month of May.

The awareness team comprised of health specialist Lois Booker, breast cancer survivor Wendy Kini and PNGCF fundraising and marketing manager Hayley Chown.

Booker conducted education and awareness on cancer specifically mouth cancer and its causes and preventive measures while Kini spoke of her experience in surviving cancer.

Chown gave statistics on cancer awareness programs and thanked Digicel for supporting this and making a cup count as it’s important to get the awareness information out.

Last year saw 2,739 individuals attended PNGCF’s cervical cancer awareness workshop, 2,616 individuals screened for breast cancer where 204 of those were referred for checks.  

PNGCF launched its first ever men’s cancer awareness month in November last year called Mausgras and distributed 23,843 awareness materials to sporting events, church activities and general health awareness programs.

“This year we are proud to say that we’ve gone into schools thanks to sponsorship.

“This is an interesting one for us because a lot of the teenagers haven’t linked the fact of what they eat and lack of exercise is increasing their risk of cancer,” Chown said.

PNGCF has registered 57 BMTs and 37 of those are being hosted outside of Port Moresby.

Quintina Naime