Digicel invests in its people

In support of Digicel’s commitment to training and human development, Digicel PNG Foundation enrolled three of its Projects Staff in Project Management Training facilitated by the Enigma Consulting Group.

When congratulating her staff for completing the training, CEO of Digicel PNG Foundation, Beatrice Mahuru said: “Digicel PNG Foundation is committed to capacity building for stronger, self-reliant people and communities. Often we get so busy with doing the right thing for the communities and we forget that our teams also need training. I know that Enigma’s Innovative and Incentive Contracting course was intense but my Project Team, Haro Gomara, Kingsley Losema and Andrew Kalu Williams learnt a lot from it. This most certainly will inspire them to be ahead of their game, be innovative and think outside of the box in the Project Management and Quality Assurance roles.”

Digicel PNG Foundation’s Projects Team utilises 60 per cent of the Foundation’s total budget to roll out 40 plus basic education and health infrastructure projects in a financial year in rural and remote communities of Papua New Guinea.

They collaborate with community building contractors who are a key part of ensuring the Foundation’s infrastructure footprint is delivered across the rural country side. 

 “For the Projects Team to achieve these targets successfully they must receive direct training to ensure they and their contractor partners perform their key responsibilities and get the required work done so that the organization meets its development objectives,” Mahuru added.

Digicel PNG Foundation also extends its training and human development to the building contractors. The contractors are a vital component to the rollout of Digicel PNG Foundation’s education and health infrastructure. The Foundation Projects Team conducts contractor training twice a year to share the Foundation’s processes and service level agreements, strengthen relationships amongst suppliers and contractors and to ensure quality expectations and specifications are upheld.

“Without our building contractors, many of our projects would not come to completion. These are the people who trek jungles, cross oceans and spend weeks with communities while the projects are being constructed,” Mahuru said.

Picture: Digicel PNG Foundation CEO, Beatrice Mahuru speaking at the Contractor Training.


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