Defense display preparedness for FIFA and APEC

The PNGDF is ready to offer support in terms of security for the FIFA under 20 Women’s World Cup as well as the 2018 APEC meet.

This assurance was further driven home in a show of force and skill last night at the Sir John Guise stadium when PNG Loop was preview to a special display of close quarter combat and counter terrorism skills from the PNGDF Special Forces division.

Chief of Force Preparation, Colonel Siale Diro explained that the Special Forces have been training with the assistance of Australian, New Zealand and US special Forces for a number of years now.

The main aim of the training was to develop their capability to deal with contingencies that they are called upon to assist the police with particularly with the major international events such as FIFA and APEC.

The exercise according to Colonel Diro was designed to confirm their close quarter combat skills based on the scenario where a group of terrorists held hostages and the defense was tasked to come in and assist police to neutralize the threat.

Lasting less than 30 minutes, the unit moved in fast to secure and destabilise the threat while at the same time maintaining communication and command of the men on ground.

The nights exercise was also observed by senior security officials including the PNGDF Commander Brigadier General Gilbert Toropo.

Commander Toropo in an earlier interview told PNG Loop that he was proud and confident with the training regime of the special services.

He says that it was evident in the dedication  and hard work shown by  the troops  and their training officers.

Meantime, this exercise has also been implemented at other venues and accommodation and training areas for troops to get a feel of the areas should threats arise.


Julianna Waeda