Cuba doctors to serve in districts: O’Neill

The provision of healthcare services by Cuban doctors to rural areas of Papua New Guinea is now being finalised.

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made the announcement today in a press conference in Port Moresby after returning from the APEC Summit in Peru.

He clarified that the Cuban doctors will be based in rural districts in Papua New Guinea and serve the people like any other local doctors.

He further added that the Cuban doctors will be paid just like the local doctors

O’Neill said Papua New Guinea is in a position to learn from this experience and expertise, and to apply this to our core national policies of healthcare and education.

He added that during the visit, he held substantive talks with Cuba’s President, Raul Castro, on a range of healthcare co-operation options.

He said President Castro is supportive of the proposal and it is now up to our officials to finalise details.

O’Neill said as an island nation in a tropical environment, Cuba faces many similar medical challenges to Papua New Guinea, so he expect these doctors will be very effective in delivering healthcare to our people.




Freddy Mou