Civil society groups urged to leave schools out of protest

Civil society groups are urged to leave the schools, students and teachers out of their plans regarding the nationwide stop work protest.

Minister for Education Nick Kuman called on leaders of various civil society groups, who are going on social media to gather support for their planned protest, to leave schools out of their plans.

Kuman urged all heads of schools and institutions to immediately return to classes and not to take heed of such information on social media to cancel classes.

He said the education minister is the only authority. “There is no other authority and is deemed illegal as civil society groups have no power or authority to make decisions for schools’ operations.

“Schools must always be free to operate and teachers are respected and school property not tampered with at all times,” Kuman said.

He added that learning hours wasted today is purely unethical.

Kuman urged schools to return to normal classes tomorrow (Tuesday).

Caption: Wardstrip Demontration Primary School

Quintina Naime