Bougainville's Nissan Island to reopen airport

The people of Nissan Island in the Autonomous region of Bougainville will now be enjoying the flights into and out of the island after engineers did a final assessment of the Nissan airport.

A team led by former BRA planner Ben Kamda returned and had an interview with Loop PNG that anytime now the airport will be upgraded.

“Nissan has been the gateway to the atolls of Bougainville and being the gateway means we need to open the airport so that other atoll Islanders can come by ship get a plane and go out of Bougainville,” he said.

“Also again we cannot risk ourselves anymore by travelling in outboard motors to and from our home in Nissan and we are now really overjoyed that the airport will be re-opened again not just for us but for the whole of Bougainville,” he said.

“We would like to thank the two governments, the ABG and the National Government for recognizing us and hearing our pleas,” Kamda said.

 The Nissan airport was built in World War two by American soldiers and is and was built according to American military standard, up to this date the airport is still intact.

Peterson Tseraha