Black brothers Add Flavour to Independence Celebrations

Black Brothers was a popular band only in the 90’s, but this posed no difference as people of all ages poured into the Sir John Guise stadium last night, for its concert.

And it was in fact a very packed crowd, as people, still in their national colours, finished their 41st Independence celebrations with the band that set the foundation to the music industry.

38 years ago, the Black Brothers of West Papua, came to PNG on tour and lifted the music scene in PNG and inspired the birth of music recording label Chin H Min.

Their concert last night was a moment to reflect back on the growth and development of the industry and celebrate its success to date.

Their performance brought back memories as those from the 80’s sang along to familiar tunes like Wan Pela Meri and Anita. But it was hits like Sa Jo Jo that got the whole crowd to their feet.

Accompanied by Black Sisters, the group entertained the crowd for at least 2 hours, taking on from local artists including Paramana Strangers, DeeJays of Tubuserea, Nathan Nakikus, Dadii Gii and Coral Springs among other famous artists.

Gloria Bauai