Big Rooster outlets robbed

Two Big Rooster outlets in NCD were robbed on Saturday.

The Waigani and Erima Big Rooster outlets were robbed of their day’s takings around midday by five unknown suspects.

Police say according to witnesses statements at Waigani, about 4 to 5 suspects drove into the outlet in a Hilux Toyota, got off the vehicle and entered the outlet.

The guard on duty was held on gun point while the others were removing wallets, cell phones and car keys off from the customers who were seated inside the outlet.

One suspect was said to be taking cash out from the till.

After taking what they could from both the till and the shocked customers, the suspects left quickly by walking out of the outlet.

Upon their exit, a white Ford Ranger belonging to a corporate company was also believed to have been driven away by one of the suspects.

The police turned up a few minutes late after the suspects had already left the outlet.

Whilst police was attending to the situation at the Waigani outlet, the same suspects right after leaving the Waigani outlet with their takings made another quick stop at Erima Big Rooster yet again held it up for the day’s taking and customers personal items.

The amount of what was taken is yet to be confirmed by Big Roosters’ outlet management but police say either of the employees or the customers were hurt during the robberies.

Just recently, during this week, an attempt was also made to rob the Stop & Shop shopping centre at North Waigani but quick response from deterred anything from being taken.

Police have warned that extra precaution must be practiced by the public that includes business houses, pedestrians and motorists.

Annette Kora