ABG on service delivery

President of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Chief Dr John Momis says his government is determine to ensure stability is maintained despite the economic and social hardship faced in the region.

Momis says Bougainville has a limited time frame left before it votes for referendum on independence and will he do everything possible to make sure the people are looked after in terms of service delivery.

He says these services include high impact projects like road sealing, bridges, rural electricity as well as social services like education and health.

Momis says peace is really the end result of the people’s meaningful and effective participation in the process of economic, social and political development.

He says for Bougainville to achieve it political aspiration these processes of development must happen simultaneously.

Momis says the ABG stands prepared to work alongside the National Government to implement much needed high impact projects.

Augustine Kinna