​Opposition queries delay on whistle blower law

Opposition Leader Don Pomb Polye has taken a swipe at the Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and his government for a delay in enacting the proposed Whistle Blowers Act.

Mr Polye made this comment on learning that a driver employed by NAQIA was bashed by security officers in Port Moresby for allegedly “blowing the whistle’’ on corruption within the agency, involving its managing director Joel


“When I participated to mark the International Anti-Corruption day on December 9 this year, it was appalling to note that PNG is among the most corrupt nation in the world,” he said.

He said this news raised his eyebrows, prompting him as to what he should do as a politician at least to reduce its level.

“At the parliamentary level, it makes me frustrated why the Prime Minister is sitting on the Whistle Blowers Act in light of systematic corruption being so rife in the country.

“Our whistle blowers are not protected legally to come out public on exposing corruption within organizations as they feel threatened,” said Polye.

He has asked why the Prime Minister and his cabinet were “shying away’’.

“I hope they do not have something to hide,” he said.

The Opposition Leader has commended the driver for exposing corruption allegations against his boss.

“We need more people like Thomas Duni who has the guts and balls to expose corruption.

“I call on other fellow citizens, who feel threatened to expose corruption, (that they) should do so through the Opposition,” he said.

Polye said if the managing director had been directly involved in the assault, such a threat should be deplored in a possible terms.

He said this behavior was unbecoming.

He also urged those in power, particularly the CEOs, departmental heads and others to become model stewards, saying the mandate, the trust and the confidence which were bestowed on them to manage the people’s offices, should not be abused.

Mr Polye said when the Opposition members were in government, they would aggressively fight corruption in the country.

“Our primary objective among others is to expose, oppose and dispose of corruption,” he said.

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