YWAM MS impact in PNG celebrated

A memorable event was hosted onboard the YWAM Medical Ship, MV YWAMPNG, by YWAM Medical Ships Australia & Papua New Guinea (YWAM MS) patrons, Rachael Marape and Charles Abel, last night in Port Moresby.

The gathering aimed to highlight the critical work done by the ship in rural and remote areas of PNG over the past 14 years, while also garnering support to ensure the continuation of these vital services.

Leaders across both the government and private sectors, including keynote speaker John Rosso, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Lands, attended the event demonstrating a strong support network for the ongoing work of YWAM Medical Ships.

Rachel Marape, Patron of YWAM MS, shared her passion for supporting rural communities in PNG, particularly women and children.

“In a nation where over 80% of our population resides in rural areas, we recognise that delivering healthcare and training services to isolated communities is a challenge. We need innovative solutions matched with individuals who have a heart and commitment to serve with compassion and care.

“I see this demonstrated in YWAM MS’ work - the commitment to work in partnership with local health authorities to reach some of our most vulnerable and isolated communities is a joy,” Mrs. Marape said.

Co-patron, Charles Abel, also expressed his gratitude, acknowledging that together, much can be achieved for young people by building healthy lives, communities, and nations with the support of a wide range of friends and supporters.

“Events like this serve as important reminders of what is possible when we work together," said Mr Abel.

The MV YWAMPNG is equipped with a four-chair dental clinic, a day procedure unit, a laboratory, and small boats to transport teams to further afield. The ship can accommodate over 100 volunteers and crew members, allowing it to provide child and maternal health services, dentistry procedures, eye care (including sight-restoring eye surgeries), health education, TB and HIV testing, and collegial support and mentoring for local health workers.

To maintain and expand these essential services, YWAM MS is seeking to raise K4 million in operational funding.

YWAM MS Managing Director, Ken Mulligan, said they were encouraged by those who kicked off the giving at the event last night.

“My sincere gratitude goes to those who pledged their support last night. We are very thankful,” said Mr Mulligan.

YWAM MS will be deploying a team to the Delta Fly District in the Western Province next week. Meanwhile, the YWAM Dental Trailer is currently providing oral health education and treatment to students at Carr Memorial Adventist School in Port Moresby.

Since 2010, in collaboration with local health authorities, YWAM MS has delivered over 2 million healthcare and training services to hundreds of remote villages. Donations to YWAM MS’ work can be made at www.ywamships.org/donate/medical-ship/

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