Women SME backup Marape

Moitaka Ridge Women SME group leaders representing 28,000 women in the North East district of National Capital District held a demonstration on Saturday 28th November in their area to express their concern about the current political impasse.

The women expressed that they are concerned that the K200 million committed by the government under James Marape could easily be removed by a new government.

The women are grateful to the Marape government for recognizing simple ordinary women struggling to make a living, in his introduction of the MSME loan facility.

“Nupela gavman, olpla gavman disla benefit mas kamdaun long grasrut level bikos em histri ya. Mipla ino save benefit olsem em James Marape putim disla mani kamaut na bel blo mipla stap wantaim James Marape. So whether nupla o olpla mipla laikim mani mas kam yet.” Rose Kiripo – President, Pioneer Women’s Association.

The women expressed their sentiments about the assistance by the Marape government, especially from the local member.  They demand for their MP John Kaupa to return to Marape’s fold for fear of a new government changing the policy on MSME.

Women emphasized that there has never been a Prime Minister like James Marape who had considered grass root to elevate their small time market to SME and MSME.

“Ol memba na Praim Minista ino bin tingim mipla. 20 years mi live in the city. Pikinini blo mipla we rait lida, kisim kantri kamap pinis lo hia. But papa God I givim bikpela tingting na save long Praim Minista. Em bai papa God I bin makim. So honorable John Kaupa mas kam bek to your Moresby, Capital City” Alice Angope- Women rep said.

Women of Northeast Moitaka Ridge demand their local member to get back to them and the government of James Marape to continue the work of disseminating the MSME funds for them to progress to Medium to Small Enterprises.

Margaret Yomba, originally from Chimbu but has lived for 25 years in 9-Mile Settlement and making a living through table market and has been an advocate for women’s struggle at the table markets for many years, said this is a dream come true.

She had dreams of having a better standard of living where it’s safe and peaceful. But her meagre income from the market is not able to fulfill her dreams. All the minerals and cash crops were not able to help her transform her life until now.

“After 45 years, first of its kind, James Marape kam na em introdusim disla MSME lo disla grassroot level we em laik bringim mipla go long next level. Na mipla mama blong Northeast disla 28,000 mama mipla olgeta amamas na mipla laik go insait long disla MSME. Mipla laik stap wantaim Marape gavman, Honourable Mr. James Marape,” Yomba said.

Frieda Kana