Rotary has good news for schools and aid posts in Central and Gulf

Boroko Rotary this morning opened two 40 foot containers of donated supplies from Australia for six schools and health aid posts recipients in the Central and Gulf provinces.

Lealea, Kouderika, Vabukori, Taikone, Lese Oalai, Lese Kavora, Veiifa, Aroma Coast, Tauruba and Wardstrip are the proud recipients of today’s Rotary event.

Under its program called ‘Donation in Kindness’, Rotary Boroko Inc President, Togaro Asiba says the club has a warehouse in Brisbane where all kinds of educations materials are donated by our friends in Australia and is later distributed all over the pacific through the rotary clubs.

Asiba says depending on the need that arises with the schools and aid posts; the requests for desks, chairs and tables as well as rural health equipment’s and beds, we request for donation in kind to be sent over to the club in the country to be distribute out to the recipients.

“So far in NCD, the club has covered over 2,000 schools and aid posts and we are still extending our help further.”

He adds that coming through the containers as well are mosquito nets (Rotary against Malaria) nets and the club has delivered almost up to 80,000 mosquito nets to rural communities around the country.

“The Rotary has come in a big way to help out these schools and health posts in villages in the country.”

Donation in Kind Director for Boroko Rotary, Peter Loko says, the club gets most of its donations from its member and sister clubs in Australia to distribute to schools and aid posts in rural communities.

“This is not a paid job and we are all doing this on voluntary basis to deliver whatever basic educational and health items which could be put to better use in our rural schools and health centres.”
Many thanks to the Rotary Club of Geelong and Brisbane for organising the donations. 

Annette Kora