Power of Football

Kicks 4 Kokoda (K4K) is a new partnership for the historic Kokoda region, using the power of football.

K4K brought together the expertise of three organizations in collaboration to educate, inspire and mobilize youths to overcome hurdles concerning their health, better living and a positive outlook to life and becoming the change in their communities.

Kokoda Track Foundations (KTF) for its long-established networks and extensive works in the region and health facilities throughout the Kokoda catchment, Papua New Guinea Olympic Committee’s (PNGOC) commitment to excellence in sports and the values that support it and the proven global track record by Grassroots Soccer (GRS) in delivering adolescent-focused programs.

The vision of the Olympic Movement is to “Build a Better World through Sport.” The PNGOC are in Kokoda for a week with KTF and GRS to implement the Training of Coaches for the Relationship Skillz curriculum of the KICKS 4 KOKODA Project.

YWCA PNG is the facilitator of the Relationship SKILLZ training. This is a culture, mindset and toolkit for near-peer mentors to use when deploying young people about gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and life styles.

SKILLZ creates simple and powerful connections between soccer and life and its approach assists youths to have relevant discussions about their lives, and challenges them to become game changers in their communities.

Alongside elite Olympic athletes, Village Health Volunteers will be trained as youth-friendly ‘K4K SKILLZ’ coaches.

The joint KICKS 4 KOKODA project is a two-year project supported by the Team Up Program from the Australian Government, a sport for development program comprising more than 30 partnerships across Australia and Asia-Pacific.

Carol Kidu