Park launches Snakeastic program

The St John Ambulance has partnered with the Port Moresby Nature Park to launch ‘Snaketastic’, a conservation event that will be held on Saturday, September 23, 2023.

The event was launched yesterday. It also includes a partnership with Capital Insurance Group Limited and Theodist.

‘Snaketastic’ is a month-long snake conservation and snakebite awareness event aimed at clearing any myths that circulate about snakes, addressing common fears of snakes, and profiling their importance in the ecosystem.

Sharing his thoughts on the importance of the event, SJA CEO Matt Cannon said snakes and humans share the environment.

“Normally snakes have no interest in humans but sometimes we come across them in our day-to-day lives,” Cannon said.

“Therefore, this event demonstrates our collective commitment to promoting awareness and finding effective solutions to promote a better understanding of snakes and how humans should interact with snakes in the environment,” he said.

Cannon said one of the pillars of St John Ambulance is first aid training, and first aid is more than initial treatment, it includes awareness and prevention.

“We believe that empowering individuals with the understanding of snakes and the knowledge and skills to provide immediate care during a snakebite emergency can make all the difference,” he said.

“Through our training programs, we educate our communities on recognizing snakebite symptoms, applying appropriate first aid techniques, and seeking prompt medical assistance,” Cannon said.

The SJA CEO thanked the Port Moresby Nature Park for including St John Ambulance in the program.

“Together, let us strive to make a difference in improving the way humans and snakes interact and preventing the serious effects of snakebites in our community,” he added.

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