NRL Bulldogs visit Lemakot health centre

Doctors from Australian Doctors International (ADI) were paid a special visit by some of the NRL Bulldogs when they visited Kavieng recently to do some community work.

This wasn’t the Bulldogs first visit. They came to Lemakot in 2012 to visit a local health centre. While there they ran a coaching clinic and did some painting for them too.

On this visit the Bulldogs representatives accompanied ADI health coordinator Dr Agnes de Boer and Dr Rose Haywood to the Lemakot health centre where they met with Sister Cathy and her team.

The visit was an opportunity for the Bulldogs to have a look around the health centre and get to know more about the work ADI does on patrols.

Dr Agnes said: “The health workers and locals loved seeing the Bulldogs. They are big rugby fans. It also shows them how important health care is to all of us.”

Although the Lemakot health centre is one of the better facilities available, the Bulldogs first impression seeing the post-natal ward was “poor babies”.

To this reaction Dr Agnes explained, “These babies are actually the lucky ones as they were delivered in a relatively safe environment. An important part of ADI ‘s work is to promote and improve maternal and child health.”

Following the trip, Bulldogs Manager, Wellbeing and Education Steve Pike said: “We are back in Oz but still on a high from the trip!  The boys are raving about the trip and for those who had been on previous trips it was the best so far.  We all agree that we want to return and do some more stuff to help out.”

ADI is appreciative of the Bulldogs visit as it helps to raise the profile of the great work ADI does in PNG, both in New Ireland and Western Province.

ADI runs in-service training a minimum of twice a year for two week periods and delivers Case-based and Group –based training during patrols for remote healthcare workers who otherwise receive very little professional development. These initiatives save both mothers and babies lives with measurable outcomes.

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