Australian Doctors International (ADI)

Essential medical equipment for provinces

Sixteen health facilities across West New Britain, Western Province and New Ireland will receive the medical equipment, further highlighting ADI’s ongoing work within these provinces and their rural health centres.

In procuring the equipment, ADI was supported by Old Dart Foundation in West New Britain, Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) in Western Province, and Newcrest Mining in New Ireland. The health facilities to receive the equipment were selected through close conversations with provincial health leaders and decision makers.

ADI staff returns to PNG

O’Shea, who began working on ADI’s new program in West New Britain in January this year, returned to Australia in April due to COVID-19. This followed guidance from the Australian government which resulted in all expatriate staff and volunteer doctors leaving PNG, after three months of outreach health patrols delivering health services and training to rural health workers.

Prior to COVID-19, ADI doctors were present in all three of ADI’s operational areas - West New Britain, New Ireland and Western Province.

Better health outcomes through treatment manuals

Generously funded by the Australian High Commission in Port Moresby, these manuals contain standard treatment guidelines, as directed by PNG’s National Department of Health, and play a vital role in helping to alleviate educational gaps for their frontline health partners working in remote communities.

“The manuals are highly valued as they are easy to use and provide exceptional guidance enabling healthcare workers to diagnose and treat a wide range of diseases in the weeks and months between ADI health patrols or other doctor visits,” said the ADI.

NRL Bulldogs visit Lemakot health centre

This wasn’t the Bulldogs first visit. They came to Lemakot in 2012 to visit a local health centre. While there they ran a coaching clinic and did some painting for them too.

On this visit the Bulldogs representatives accompanied ADI health coordinator Dr Agnes de Boer and Dr Rose Haywood to the Lemakot health centre where they met with Sister Cathy and her team.

The visit was an opportunity for the Bulldogs to have a look around the health centre and get to know more about the work ADI does on patrols.