Mothers welcome new Hahela market

A new market at the Hahela suburb at Buka was launched recently.

This was in partnership with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Autonomous Bougainville Government (ABG) and the New Zealand Government.

The construction of new market project has been a priority for the governments to support women who earn income from selling fresh garden food.

The project welcomed youths and the community to participate in and freely showcase their creativity and talent.

A group called Toolbox Production beautified the market with paintings portraying the activities that women get involved in when bringing their goods to the market for selling. Toolbox Production is made up of eleven local young men and women who are talented artists.

Bougainville youth representative, Junior Pais, on behalf of the Toolbox Production, said it was a great experience working together with the youths to contribute their ideas and creativity on the 6x9L tanks.

The paintings have made the tanks to stand out, giving a warm and welcoming feel.

A representative from the women sellers at the market, Elaine Kapar, acknowledged the governments, saying the women truly appreciate the gift and are empowered to work hard at their gardens and bring their goods to the market to sell.

She added that, selling food was their only way of earning an income and the market provided them a space to put their goods, while they can now use the tanks to wash their hands and drink water.

First Secretary, Australian Development Assistant, Dr Fiona Crockford, reminded the people that donors were serious about investing funding into constructing new markets as many markets were built using traditional materials.

She said the new Hahela market was for the mothers who used the area who can continue to sell their items and enjoy the paintings, shelter and the water supplied from the tanks.

The launching ended with the handing out of certificates to the eleven members of the Toolbox Production.

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