Meteselen Rice Farming Project

The people of isolated Meteselen Village of New Ireland Province, often travel long and expensive boat trips to access basic services. It usually takes two hours to reach Kavieng town for food supplies and basic government services.

Baslogo Silaunara, a local on Meteselen, is trying to help his people overcome some of these challenges through agriculture.

Silaubara undertook specialized agriculture training in East New Britain where he learned how to cultivate rice and downstream commodities like Cococa, Coffee and Cassava.

After returning home, he has been teaching the locals how to cultivate rice and process Cocoa, Coffee and Cassava.

“Now my people don’t have to travel long distances to look for rice, milo or coffee, we can make it ourselves now,” said Silaubara.

In recognition of Silaubara’s efforts, New Ireland Governor Sir Julius Chan commended the people for what they are doing. 

“I congratulate you all for your bravery to take back Lavongai and cement lasting peace by reintroducing self-reliance and autonomy in agriculture and the cash economy,” Sir Julius said.

The New Ireland Government through its Division of Primary Industries also assisted the Lerina farming association with two rice mills. 

“Agriculture is our backbone and with today’s challenges like climate change food security is an issue we need to address. We want to work with you so that you can help yourselves. The extra you have, you can sell to others,” said Director DPI Gideon Bogosia.

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