K10,000 for Kadovar disaster relief

Grand Columbia Director, Tony Witham, on Wednesday handed over K10,000 to the East Sepik Governor for the Kadovar Disaster.

“While the focus had been on the earthquake disaster in the Southern highlands, we sometimes overlook the other disasters that have occurred in Papua New Guinea recently,” Witham stated.

The Kadovar eruption on January 2018 has left many people displaced and had a major impact on the lives of people in the Eastern Sepik area.

Governor Allan Bird, whilst thanking Grand Columbia Limited, mentioned that whole lives had changed from the disaster and the provincial government was assisting people getting their lives back on track. From walkabout timber mills to growing fresh vegetables, people are slowly getting some normality back into their lives.

Unfortunately, as Governor Bird alluded to, the island homes of so many people have been lost for hundreds of years as all top soil and growth was destroyed and cannot be replaced quickly.

Grand Columbia Limited believes that the provincial government has been extremely active under their hardships and hopes its donation will be put to good use to continue the work of the provincial government and aid agencies in the area.

Press release