Japanese Ambassador Arrives In WNB

The Japanese Ambassador, Nobuyuki Watanabe arrived at the Hoskins airport in West New Britain Province today to officiate at the opening of a new classroom.

Ambassador Watanabe was welcomed by Talasea MP, Freddie Reu Kumai and the Acting Provincial Administrator, Leo Mapmani and other provincial dignitaries.

Upon his arrival, Ambassador Watanabe inspected the guard of honour prepared by the Police and CS officers.

He is in the province to open a four in one classroom at Ruango Junior High School tomorrow, 19th August, and is accompanied by First Secretary, Kenichi Tanimotohe and Assistant Project Coordinator (GDP) Delilah Karis.

The Ambassador was treated to a traditional West New Britain custom welcome, a ritual well suited for dignitaries, and was also adorned with traditional wear.  

He paid a visit to the two bridges Kapeuru and Aum that were funded by the Japanese government along the New Britain highway, and Works Manager Dagwin Dagwin gave a brief overview of the bridges history to the guests.

The guest entourage then travelled along the Buvusi section of the New Britain Highway to enjoy the scenic environment and stopped briefly to inspect the freshly harvested oil palm fruits laid by the roadside awaiting pick up.

Palm Oil is derived from the mesocarp of the fruit of the oil palms. Although oil palm has been grown in PNG since the 1920s, commercial development did not commence until 1967, with the establishment of a private sector/government joint venture at Hoskins. This is now the largest oil palm development in PNG.

The Ambassador also toured the markets where he met local vendors displaying their sale for the day. 

Ambassador Watanabe said he has only ever heard and read about the infamous palm oil in WNB and was happy to finally see the fruit itself.

In an interview, Ambassador Watanabe spoke of how he has visited many places in Papua New Guinea and was happy to come to West New Britain.

“Tomorrow I will attend the opening ceremony of the Joseph Ruango Primary School and that school building was also constructed in corporation with the Japanese Government. It was completed last year and I come here to attend the handover ceremony. I am very happy to be here and look forward to attending the ceremony.”

Carol Kidu