Gerehu hospital works to increase X-Ray capabilities

The Gerehu hospital has undertaken its next biggest project; that is to get a portable X-Ray machine.

The hospital has been in touch with the South Brisbane Rotary Club for this project.

The team hopes to get this machine in by this year or early next year.

Gerehu Hospital CEO Dr Steven Yennie said this machine would assist greatly with their TB patients.

“As you know, Port Moresby is a hot spot for TB. And an X-Ray machine in Gerehu Hospital will be a lot helpful. If a person comes in with symptoms of TB, we’ll do X-Ray, make diagnosis, and treat them straight,” he said.

TB is a common case seen every day, among others like diarrhea, and HIV, according to physician Dr Gary Nou.

 “Patients can have TB or water in the lungs or heart, we can remove the water, scan the blood, and pressure monitor the patient and manage as we go. That we are capable of. And after they are stabilised, they’re sent to the Port Moresby General Hospital,” he said.

Gerehu hospital has a separate TB clinic, run by doctors without borders/MSF.

“They monitor TB. And diagnostic here is pretty good because MSF are here,” he said.

The clinic has a GeneXpat machine, which makes TB diagnosis easier.

But the need for an X-Ray machine still stands.

CEO Dr Yennie hopes to connect with the Port Moresby Rotary Club, with aim to advocate to other business houses to help fund this project.

Gloria Bauai