Gerehu hospital

Gerehu hospital works to increase X-Ray capabilities

The hospital has been in touch with the South Brisbane Rotary Club for this project.

The team hopes to get this machine in by this year or early next year.

Gerehu Hospital CEO Dr Steven Yennie said this machine would assist greatly with their TB patients.

“As you know, Port Moresby is a hot spot for TB. And an X-Ray machine in Gerehu Hospital will be a lot helpful. If a person comes in with symptoms of TB, we’ll do X-Ray, make diagnosis, and treat them straight,” he said.

Gerehu Hospital needs boost

CEO Dr Steven Yennie said the hospital needs to get its administration, facility and equipment in order.

However, the most immediate need now is space, he said. 

The hospital, located in the Port Moresby North-West electorate, serves people from all over the National Capital District.

It receives more than a hundred people a day.

“Spacing is a big issue we have here. We really need to improvise with the critical care service,” he said.

Slowly reaching hospital status

All these thanks to NGOs and donor agencies that have been assisting with equipment.

The hospital was visited today by the Port Moresby Rotary Club, who donated a few specialised diagnostic equipment and 2 computers.

Specialised equipment are the triage meter used for cardiac or heart attack testing and the Epoc machine, used for critical blood analysis like diabetes and other critical diseases.

This donation has been described as a game changer that will go a long way in improving clinical service at this district hospital.

Pursued stolen vehicle in Gerehu ends in disaster

The trio stole a Toyota Camry at Gerehu shopping centre and sped off towards Nine-Mile along the newly constructed freeway road.

Gerehu police chased them towards the Tasion Barracks and were intercepted by a police mobile unit l driving back from Nine-Mile towards Gerehu.

The vehicle which was travelling at high –speed then drove into an oncoming vehicle which caused a major accident. The driver of the high-speed car sustained head injuries, while trying to jump of the vehicle.

Police  at the scene of the accident  are continue further investigations.