Foundation clears road

Kumura Foundation has successfully cleared up the road from Snow Pass, in Upper Bundi, to Augl in North Simbu (Gembogl), Simbu Province.

The local community-based organisation of remote Bundi in Madang Province started from Monday, March 17 to Wednesday, March 19, using a D3 Dozer of Simbu.

Vincent Kumura, the Director of Kumura Foundation, said: “The fine sand road to Upper Bundi from Simbu, along the Mondia Pass Range, has been destroyed by the recent heavy rains, causing deep drains, multiple landslides, slippery road conditions and making traveling by car and delivery of basic services challenging and highly risky.

“It is unsafe for us to transport sick patients and pregnant mothers of Bundi to health centres in Simbu under such bumpy and risky road conditions. Therefore, we had to clear up the road under our ‘community service’ focus area to help benefit hundreds of people in this remote part of Madang Province.”

The foundation has extended its appreciation to the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in Goroka for supporting them with two fuel drums last year, which were used to clear up the road link.

They further acknowledged the ground team in Simbu for donating their time, skills and machine in clearing up the road.

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